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Trixon SFP Series optical transceivers are high performance, cost

effective modules. They offer the customer a range of design options,

including optional DDMI, standard or industrial temperature ranges.

They are designed to provide optical connections for

155M/622M/1.25Gbps/2.5Gbps/4Gbps/8Gbps at short, intermediate

and long reach links. These transceivers are qualified in accordance with GR-468-CORE.

More Details

    Product Features

    1443082414114077.png Operating data rate up to 8Gbps 

    1443082414114077.png Distance up to 300m~80km 

    1443082414114077.png Single 3.3V Power supply and TTL Logic Interface

    1443082414114077.png Duplex LC Connector Interface 

    1443082414114077.png Hot Pluggable 

    Compliant Standard 

    1443082414114077.png Compliant with MSA SFP Specification 

    1443082414114077.png Compliant with Telcordia GR-253-CORE

    1443082414114077.png RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free

    1443082414114077.png Digital Diagnostic Monitor Interface Compatible with SFF-8472

    1443082414114077.png Link Lengths at 8.5G: 21m with 62.5um OM1, 50m with 50um OM2, 150m with 50um OM3

    1443082414114077.png Link Lengths at 4.25G: 70m with 62.5um OM1, 150m with 50um OM2, 380m with 50um OM3

    1443082414114077.png Link Lengths at 2.125G: 150m with 62.5um OM1, 300m with 50um OM2, 500m with 50um OM3

    1443082414114077.png Operating Case Temperature

         Standard: -5℃ ~+70℃

         Industrial: -40℃ ~+85℃ 

    Product Safety and Quality 

    1443082414114077.png FCC TUV UL and Eye safety certification 

    1443082414114077.png ISO9001:2000 

    1443082414114077.png ISO14001:2004 


    1443082414114077.png Ethernet Switch and Enterprise Router

    1443082414114077.png Broadband aggregation and wireless Infrastructure

    1443082414114077.png Metro Ethernet multi-service access and provisioning platforms

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